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Murt is an artist based out of San Antonio who has created artwork for private collectors, companies, organizations, and influencers internationally. 

He started painting his unique style in 2016 and has since exhibited in major auction houses, charity galas, and galleries.  When putting on 3D glasses, his art pops out, coming to life and becoming an experience that puts the viewer directly into the artwork itself.  Currently, Murt creates his paintings using an unidentified 3D figure.  Unnamed with no gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or status, this 3D figure helps identify the narrative of every painting.  

Murt is inspired by everyday life and everyday emotions, with the goal of every painting connecting with the viewer in any capacity, positive or negative.  Coming from a strong South-Asian background, Murt is motivated to help others break out of a mold and create art to express themselves.       

For any commissions, projects, or general questions, please fill out this form below.  

Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.  Thank you in advance!

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